Mar 27, 2021
@Live Broadcast

The World Women Leader Summit 2021 is the women entrepreneurial live online gathering. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses through access to information, contacts, and capital. It is suitable for anyone in any stage of business for those who just got started, and for those already in business for decades.


global corporate experts from diverse industry and cultural landscapes

from leading international businesswomen about their experiences within the corporate world and gain the latest market intelligence across the industry

face to face with your peers and make valuable connections across industry and the globe in both informal and business-focused environments

your own industry experiences, expertise and know-how during interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions

women across business and industry


» Gain more insights:
Through real case studies and explorations, your assumptions are challenged and you gain new perspectives.

» Sustain actionable knowledge:
Harness information you already have into workable action plans.

» Managing for value:
Develop a keen understanding of how to manage the creation of value, using the Berkeley-developed Blue Line Management concept.

» Enhanced leadership skills:
Achieve increased confidence and managerial impact through our integrated Leadership Development Process, which includes powerful 360° feedback and coaching from our highly regarded Berkeley Global Leadership Centre.

» Grounding in the key business disciplines:
Essential to effective general-management decision-making, you will gain an integrated view of business by discovering key linkages across disciplines.



Identify appropriate metrics for the WOMEN CEO’s performance evaluation – resources &value additions alone or authenticity and how to grow into the future. Discuss challenges facing WOMEN CEO’s as it supports ways to overcome.


Identify solutions for women based on innovations that will support success as entrepreneurs.


We bring opportunities in the market for Women to give them business ideas and practical business plans required to get success.


Recognize women skills, identify area of improvements, learning opportunities to provide Women with comprehensive solutions.


Providing support and assistance to Women for doing start up.


Facilitate dialogue between Women technology innovators, Consultants and regulators to unlock the keys to widespread adoption. Facilitate a two-way interaction to map out future needs and areas where technology has yet to offer a solution. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of women by educating and training financial and entrepreneur leadership skills for future contribution to a healthy economy and society.



Our keynotes will provide you access to the most impactful and powerful thought leaders on the program. Hear from high-profile thought leaders and Business Executives as they cover key business trends that are driving the future of work.

Breakfast Briefings

Our breakfast briefings are sessions which give you a chance to get a deeper perspective on a topic and also get the chance to get into debate on the topic. We’ve designed them to provide the chance for open and frank discussions about the current trends and challenges impacting the profession whilst enjoying delicious food in the company of industry colleagues.


Choose from workshops; Transform which are carefully designed to provide tangible takeaways and practical toolkits that deliver value and impact in the post-pandemic world.


Our CoLabs focus on a key business challenge. You will be guided through the process in small peer groups using design thinking or agile learning methods. Get to the heart of the issue and develop deeper insights, reach conclusions and formulate recommendations for the future. Our CoLabs give you tangible takeaways to be able to implement immediately into your organisation.

Lightning Talks

Illuminate us but make it quick! True to its name a lightning talk is a very short presentation on a current topic in a quick, insightful and clear manner.

Thought Exchange Roundtables

Sharing experiences and knowledge are key elements. These roundtable discussions with small groups of peers give you the chance to share perspectives on hot topics and key challenges facing the profession. Have your say on the topics you want to discuss on the day!

InFocus Panels

Envisioning the Workforce of 2030. Our expert panel made up of business thought leaders and executives will share their insights and pioneering research around the future of work. This interactive session looks beyond re-imaging how things are and towards innovating the endless possibilities of what they could be.

Exclusive Masterclass

A masterclass is a means to present a real-world account on a particular topic, situation or event. Led by a speaker with expert knowledge or skills in a particular area these sessions often provide best-practice advice or insight into new or innovative solutions that are forging new paths.

Awards, CPD Points, Certificates & Digital Badges

An exclusive, glamorous affair, where the winner will be recognised for their outstanding contributions. Attendees get a certificate of attendance and can earn CPD points by attending the event.




H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi

  • President Al Qubaisi Holding Abu Dhabi
  • Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women President- Abu Dhabi
  • Board Member- The Investors Club
  • IT Planning & Strategy at ADNOC Logistics & Service
Aarefa Saleh AL Falahi

H.E. Aarefa Al Falahi

  • Board Member, RAK Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member of RAK Insurance Company
  • Board Member of Emirates Sports & Cultrual club
  • Member of Board of RAK SME Association
  • Chairman, RAK Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Committee​
Musa Shaikh 2022 2

Musa Shaikh

  • Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
  • Founding Director Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women
  • CEO – The Investors Club
  • Dean- Berkeley School of Management Sciences
Khulood Shaban

Khulood Shaban

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Berkeley Middle East Holding


Musa Shaikh 2022 2

Musa Shaikh

  • Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
  • Founding Director Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women
  • CEO – The Investors Club
  • Dean- Berkeley School of Management Sciences

Zoe Cousens

  • Non Executive Director – GRE IIA Blocker Limited
  • Client Director – Altair (Guernsey) Limited
  • Founder – Talking Money Matters
  • Founder – Women’s Investment Network
  • Founder – Talking Money Matters

H. E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani

  •  Goodwill Ambasador
  •  President & Founder Business Gate
  • Vice President The Voice Magazine
  •  Vice President Youth Gate
  •  President Women’s and Youth Empowerment
  •  Global President CEC – UK
  •  Head of Protocol and Diplomacy AACID. And WPC

Irina Kuhlmann

  • Founder and Owner – Irina Kuhlmann Coaching

Samia Qamar

  • Director, People – S&P Global

Dr. Iman Wafik Hamdan

  • Pharm.D, DMM, DPHM
  • Consultant, Community Pharmacy Owner

Kinda Alkateb

  • Entrepreneur, consultancy& Marketing coach

Emma Burdett

  • Founder – WILD – Women in Leadership Deliver
02:00 PM – 02:05 PM (UK Time)
Berkeleyme Investors Club
Berkeleyme Investors Club is a patent gold standard signature business club. We focus on both creating a global investors community and building a bridge to the skills and ideas of high level professionals with the aim to serve the international investment industry, in order to create value for the society. Read More..
Dr. Musa Shaikh

* Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
* President – Berkeleyme Global Holding
* Royal Family Investment Advisor
02:10 PM – 02:15 PM (UK Time)

Berkeleyme & MS (Voice of Global Women) – A Social Enterprise

Berkeleyme & MS (Voice of Global Women) – A Social Enterprise, support women to get their basic rights from parliament, ensuring women have access to FREE education and Healthcare, Justice at the doorstep, physical protection & mental health, child care benefits, along with generating employment opportunities and developing as entrepreneurs. Read More..

02:15 PM – 02:30 PM (UK Time)      Women Leadership and Growth
Zoe Cousens

* Non Executive Director – GRE IIA Blocker Limited
* Client Director – Altair (Guernsey) Limited
* Founder – Talking Money Matters
* Founder – Women’s Investment Network
* Founder – Talking Money Matters

I am a senior investment professional with more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry, having started my career in 1986 as one of the first women to work in the London Stock Exchange. The majority of my career was spent as an Investment Manager in Guernsey where I also worked as the in-house Investment Consultant for a fiduciary company owned by a global law firm, and as a Non-Executive Director of a wealth management group with offices in Mayfair and Dubai. I was appointed as a Consultant to the Island’s Regulator, and I established a pension scheme which out-performed its benchmarks for the seven years under my management.

I now have 8 years’ international commercial and not-for-profit Board experience gained in Guernsey and the UAE as well as 5 years’ Chair and 1 year’s Treasury experience in the national charity sector. I have also achieved a number of professional awards and have become a regular speaker at events such as STEP Arabia and the Wealth Arabia Summit, as well as being published and interviewed in the UAE and UK media.

In 2019/20, I was based in London where I expanded my business before returning to my home island of Guernsey to take up my NED career and re-establish my investment consultancy which I am now doing as Client Director at Altair (Guernsey) Ltd.

I am qualified in investment management and international trust management, and I have an extensive network of professionals in locations such as Monaco, Geneva, the GCC, London and the Channel Islands.

02:30 PM – 02:35 PM (UK Time)
Berkeleyme Consultants
Berkeleyme Consultants is an American Network of Business Consulting working across the globe. Over the years, we are providing impeccable services to valued clients related to business solutions, related to Audit, Financing, accounting, tax, technology, consulting and advisory services. Read More..
02:35 PM – 02:50 PM (UK Time)      Women Leadership and Growth
H. E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani

* Goodwill Ambasador
* President & Founder Business Gate
* Vice President The Voice Magazine
* Vice President Youth Gate
* President Women’s and Youth Empowerment
* Global President CEC – UK
* Head of Protocol and Diplomacy AACID. And WPC
02:50 PM – 02:55 PM (UK Time)
Berkeleyme School of Management & Sciences
The World’s Largest Collection of Training Courses. We rephrase the world by educating people who make a difference in the world. Read More..
02:55 PM – 03:10 PM (UK Time)      Well-being and its crucial impact on you as a leader in the new world
Irina Kuhlmann

* Founder and Owner – Irina Kuhlmann Coaching
I am an International Master Coach, practicing coaching since the end of 2010.
At the moment I am content with the expertise and experience I have achieved as a business person in an international environment as well as through almost 3,000 hours of coaching 1:1 practiced internationally. Furthermore, I have been on several TV programs and in magazines and have conducted workshops and Mastermind programs on different topics.
Through my coaching programs I have, for many years, been helping people in top management positions and entrepreneurs, develop their skills and capabilities of a successful leader and unleash their potential as an individual and as a business person. They have been able to achieve extraordinary results as much in their professional life as in their personal life.
03:10 PM – 03:15 PM (UK Time)
Berkeleyme Immigration Services
Berkeleyme Immigration Division can assist you obtain a visa to live and work in Canada, Europe, UK, Australia & USA. We can assist business professionals and skilled workers with Work Permits, Residence Visas, Schengen Visas, and European Relocation Services. Read More..
03:15 PM – 03:30 PM (UK Time)      Breaking down barriers through paradigm shift, Building leadership capabilities
Samia Qamar

* Director, People – S&P Global
Samia is a Pakistani citizen with a rich experience of more than 14 years in Human Resources of multinational companies with multiple industries, which includes Healthcare, Management Consultancy, Hospitality and Financial Services. In her most recent role, she’s working as a trusted partner for business.
Her purpose is nurturing workplaces by guiding leaders to engage, lead high performance teams, create EVP by building a competitive advantage, drive cultural transformations, and develop talent and leadership pipeline to deliver sustainable profits.
She has an innate passion for philanthropy through community outreach. She was awarded Global Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan for her contributions towards the community in 2018. Also, she was recently awarded “Exceptional Woman of Excellence” by Women Economic Forum for her professional endeavors in the community, with a distinctive voice and vision for a new narrative of leadership in all walks of life. Also, she got inducted into the Global Library of 100 Female Authors.
Samia has completed her LEAD journey from Stanford Graduate School of Business, and is a Senior Certified Professional from Society for Human Resources Management, US.
03:30 PM – 03:35 PM (UK Time)
Berkeleyme Healthcare
Berkeleyme Healthcare Solutions, is one of the leading companies in the world. We have extensive expertise in local, regional and international healthcare environments, we provide best practice healthcare solutions tailored to meet your organisational requirements. We bring cost efficiency, excellence and reputation to your organization. Read More..
03:35 PM – 03:50 PM (UK Time)       Healthcare, Leadership & Inspiration
Dr. Iman Wafik Hamdan

Pharm.D, DMM, DPHM
Consultant, Community Pharmacy Owner
With more than 15 years tenure in Pharma & Biotech industry, served in various leadership roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Development with multinational companies. Launched and managed several operations. An expert in emerging markets in particular the Middle East and North Africa region. Consultant and advisor for Pharmaceutical and Health Tech companies. An active member of several pharma associations.
03:50 PM – 04:05 PM (UK Time)       Employment & arab women
Kinda Alkateb

* Entrepreneur, consultancy& Marketing coach
Dedicated and astute marketing specialist with years of history in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and business development. Proficient in identifying key demographics through customer sales information, market research and data analytics. Seeking to transfer my proven track record of profitable marketing tactics to a growing organizationEnergetic and Self-motivated
✔CRM database from marketing prospective ✔Online Marketing Strategy ✔SEO ✔PPC ✔Email Marketing ✔Social Media ✔Display Advertising ✔Mobile Marketing ✔Web Analytics ✔Digital Marketing Consultancy ✔Ecommerce ✔Influencers marketing.
04:05 PM – 04:20 PM (UK Time)       Finding Your WILD
Emma Burdett

* Founder – WILD – Women in Leadership Deliver

A number of years ago I worked for a large corporate who asked me if I would set up a Women’s Empowerment platform. Having been in Dubai and the construction/interiors sector I had some close connections with Women in leadership. What originally started as four Women sat around a table with a sheet of paper has since become a staple, vibrant and integral network within the UAE.
At the time I realized that there was a niche in the market and a wider opportunity to include ALL Women from the sector. After leaving the role I I decided to take time out and embarked on an incredible journey of self -discovery, courage and a striking realization that inspiring Women was indeed a passion. Bringing Women together, creating a community and making a difference was something I felt compelled to do.
I was able to build on my expertise and experience to create WILD. After encountering significant challenges of which, have enabled me to be open, authentic and useful in encouraging other Women, I wrote WILD from scratch. My prerequisite was to create a platform for ALL women to come together, feel a sense of belongingness, hold events where Women can network with purpose and hear personal journey stories from a range of Women; both influencers at the top of their game and younger females just starting out.

I wanted every female in the room to leave feeling inspired, motivated, confident and ready to take on the World! WILD accomplishes just that.
With events full to the brim and Women on the edge of their seats I am proud of the impact WILD is making.

04:20 PM (UK Time)      CLOSING REMARKS


We acknowledge the dynamic individual’s who has made outstanding contribution to nation as well as to business community over the past year. We seek to appreciate the invaluable individuals who work in such high-pressure positions and deliver the best value, and make it prominent how you give benefit of your enterprise. To assist us in our search for the top minds, we invite you to make your voice heard via a nomination, so we can showcase those who strive to promote the growth and deserve to be commended.


  • Being a part of Future Workplace Awards provides your brand access to global and regional marketing platforms via online media.
  • Your participation affirms that your organisation is investing in HR and has an active agenda to improve your workplace, satisfying current employees and attracting talent.


  • Entering the Future Workplace Awards is a way to thank and honour valued employees and to show you care about the future of your workplace, making you more attractive as an employer.
  • Your award application helps reflect on the achievements, challenges and areas of improvement which is vital for any developing business.
  • Being nominated, shortlisted or winning an award can help boost staff morale and improve motivation.


  • The awards are an excellent opportunity to network virtually with hundreds of senior HR professionals, showcase your work and learn from others.
  • Celebrate all the hard work and successes of the industry with awards, covering every aspect of work including; Employee Experience, HR Technology, Recruiting, L&D and Achieving Excellence in HR.

As Berkeleyme Investors Club, caters to VIP level professionals, as a partner for the event, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the boutique, lounge style exhibition set up.


Generate new business

you can meet new customers and develop relationships with existing clients to further business opportunities in the region.

Increase brand exposure

you will get significant digital and printed brand exposure before, during, and after the event through our year-round marketing activities.

Network with industry leaders & potential buyers

Connect with potential clients and partners – dealers and distributors.

Stay up-to-date & competitive

Use the opportunity to stay current with the industry’s latest trends, and advancements and keep ahead of your competition.

Launch new products & services

The largest transport and mobility business platform and a perfect avenue for you to showcase your latest products and services to an engaged audience that is looking for new business opportunities.

Understand your product in the market

Many exhibitors benefit from the product and market testing that they carry out while exhibiting to gain general and industry opinion about their offerings.



Attendees said attending our events was beneficial to their job as a result of the knowledge and networking at the event.


Exhibitors stated that event helped them to establish new business contacts.


Attendees said that event is run in a sustainable and responsible way by adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Imthiyas Hameed

Operations Manager

Khulood Shaban

Khulood Shaban


Alifiya Bohra

Director – Business Development

Maria Malykh

Director – Business Development

Madhuri Somani

Assistant Operations Manager

Office: Berkeley Middle East, 26th floor, Sheikh Rashid Tower, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mobile/ Whatsapp: +971 (0) 55 200 5756