Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Events supremely experienced specialists oversee from start to finish your entire event planning, production, VIP protocol, registration, catering, entertainment, audio-visual set-up, media office and more. If anything can go wrong, our sharpshooters have seen it all, and already have a contingency plan for crisis management and happy endings.

Our dedicated Events Management Team is ready to provide add-on services to your events including:


With Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Events, the secret to a successful event is to turn your guests from passive passengers into active explorers and adventurers. We perfect this through immersive, interactive and experiential activation that are boosted by our Innovation department. Let us create eye-catching stand designs and interactions that make you the talk of the town.

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The principal opening ceremony formats include grand opening, ribbon cutting or ground breaking, and opening receptions. Advertisements, invitations, and in-house specials are the core activities. Ribbon cutting or ground breaking events are formal ceremonies at which the key announcements are made. Lastly, opening receptions are the events dedicated to the introduction of a new product/project to the wide audience. We mix them up or choose a particular type of an opening event that can beef up your marketing efforts.


Berkeley Middle East Investors Club events knows that your corporate event is your corporate reputation on the line. Our elite squad of detail-obsessed professionals ensure every event is a well-oiled, seamlessly running machine. Since we accommodate most services in-house, we have control over keeping your event on time, on budget and on brand. So just sit back, outsource the hassles and in-source the benefits.

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In Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Event’s experience, company fun days are an incredible way to boost staff morale, especially when families are involved. For some of the biggest companies in the country and the region we have conceptualized carnivals of fun for kids and staff alike, with exotic destinations, costumes, games, prizes and entertainment, in a safe, fun-filled and celebratory environment


When Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Events crafts your gala dinner experience, all entertainment, catering, venue decor, ambiance, networking and gifts or souvenirs are guaranteed to give your guests a welcome change of pace from other corporate events. We give every event a theme that is embodied in the branding, venue set-up and guest journey.

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Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Events understands that when you launch a brand, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. We combine our storytelling, innovation, venue management, sponsor management, media relationships and show-stopping creativity to give your brand a huge splash that will make waves in your market.


On occasion, a planner will be asked to suggest names of experts who could speak on a specific topic. Make sure that the request is clear and the topic well-defined. The Berkeley Middle East Investors Club is a good source for knowledgeable speakers; keep yourself informed as to each speaker’s area of expertise, current research and conferences.

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» Put your business in the spotlight and target a high-level audience.
» Create even more brand awareness for your company.
» Showcase your company with a free ad in the event brochure, company
booth, brochures, etc.
» Take the exclusive opportunity to promote your organization to the
elite of the African business community.
» Network with business leaders, VIP’s, government officials & top consultants.

» Gain social media coverage.
» Get free tickets to attend the event.
» Provide a sponsor booth at the event venue.
» Be recognized prior, post and throughout the event, from the podium,
in the ad we post in the all important social and print media, in
the television channels & newsletters, in the event press
release, and at many more occasions.


Berkeley Middle East is a digital creative agency specializing in the design and development of event websites. With deep experience in the unique needs of festival and events, Berkeley Middle East is a perfect partner that can help you get the word out and promote your event. A custom event website by Berkeley Middle East is more than just an online brochure – it’s an interactive experience that gets your fans excited, creates ongoing engagement and helps you sell tickets.



B2B (business to business) event marketing is selling an event to other businesses in order to get them to attend, sponsor or exhibit. The channels of advertising may be the same (for example social media, email marketing, PPC) but the tone of voice and USPs may be different. For example at a consumer event, the sales techniques will be activated towards personal interest and benefit, whereas for a business event the rewards may need to be more tangible such as helping a business to increase revenue, generate leads or gain a competitive advantage.


Event planning and travel often go hand-in-hand, especially for large national and international events. Providing access to easy and affordable travel and accommodation options is also something that will lead to greater event success for attendees, staff and sponsors. Not only that, but collecting and analyzing travel-related data can be crucial to determining event ROI and attracting future attendees.



Berkeley Middle East Investors Club Events provides a comprehensive exhibition stand installation services for the most bespoke exhibition stand construction created specifically around your business objectives. Be it a simple module addition for your pre-designed stand or fully personalized stand you are seeking to install, our exhibition stall builders who are well-versed in planning, installation will conduct entire building and installation process in a professional manner to ensure every stand is looking at its best. All the modular stands designed by us will be pre-built on site before being shipped to the event location to even-out any issues involved in installing the stand. This enables our fully trained exhibition stand builders to provide you with knowledge, experience, and guidance you need to overcome inevitable issues that crop up on site.


Events range from meetings to corporate events and may include parties, and fundraising for charity. The list doesn’t end there! Let’s face it, event planning is dynamic and the playing field changes almost daily. There has been a fundamental shift in the way attendees’ gather information about events, making it important for event planners to use and leverage social media to achieve the best coverage.

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Creating a visual impact is crucial for any business or organisation, and even in this age of digital and online media, the need for clear and eye-catching brochures, flyers and posters has not diminished. Whether for print, for distribution through email or direct marketing, or for posting on social media platforms, Berkeley Middle East Investors Club is vastly experienced at designing a wide variety of visual marketing materials for all purposes including conferences and events.