Berkeley Middle East understands the significance of Non-Executive Directors in bring value in our organization. We are proud to have the best human capital on board. We are always open to welcome those individuals full of innovation, creativity and leadership in the field of their expertise.

“Non-executive directors are usually chosen because they have a breadth of experience, specific   skills and can bring specialist knowledge to the board. Of greatest importance is their independence from the management of the company and any of its interested parties. Non-executive directors should take responsibility to progress made towards meeting the strategic objectives.”

A good, well-performing Non-Executive Director should be able to do the following:

•     Adding value to the organisation with innovation, creativity and leadership
•     Bringing strategic thought to his/her contribution
•     Suggest in the best interests of the organisation
•     Willing to offer the benefit of his/her skills, knowledge, experience and contacts
•     Participating fully in board discussions at least 2 times a year.
•     Willing to stand his/her ground and challenge board discussions and decisions when necessary
•     Motivating and encouraging the Board to set standard of high excellence for the industry
•     Demonstrating an appropriate interest by leading from front and creating a competitive edge for the organization.
•.    Devoting the necessary time to the affairs of the board and is reasonably available outside of formal meetings
•     Must not be a shareholder or employee or taking any kind of remuneration or consultancy fee from the organization.