Gallery of World Women Leader Summit - Mar 27, 2021 @Live Broadcast

The World Women Leader Summit 2021 is the women entrepreneurial live online gathering. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses through access to information, contacts, and capital. It is suitable for anyone in any stage of business for those who just got started, and for those already in business for decades.


“Berkeleyme & MS – Voice of Global Women”
Dr. Musa Shaikh

* Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
* President – Berkeleyme Global Holding
* Royal Family Investment Advisor

H. E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani
* Goodwill Ambasador
* President & Founder Business Gate
* Vice President The Voice Magazine
* Vice President Youth Gate
* President Women’s and Youth Empowerment
* Global President CEC – UK
* Head of Protocol and Diplomacy AACID. And WPC

Irina Kuhlmann
* Founder and Owner – Irina Kuhlmann Coaching

Emma Burdett
* Founder – WILD – Women in Leadership Deliver

Dr. Iman Wafik Hamdan
Pharm.D, DMM, DPHM
Consultant, Community Pharmacy Owner

Zoe Cousens
* Non Executive Director – GRE IIA Blocker Limited
* Client Director – Altair (Guernsey) Limited
* Founder – Talking Money Matters
* Founder – Women’s Investment Network
* Founder – Talking Money Matters

Kinda Alkateb
* Entrepreneur, consultancy& Marketing coach

Samia Qamar
* Director, People – S&P Global

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