This Conference is the women entrepreneurial live online gathering. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses through access to information, contacts, and capital. It is suitable for anyone in any stage of business for those who just got started, and for those already in business for decades. Here you will find resources and opportunities to grow and learn. The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their social, economic, and health status are highly important. In addition, it is essential for the achievement of sustainable development. In this conference, we will work together to highlight the essential role of educating women in improving their status and enhancing their decision-making capacity at all levels and in all spheres of life. We facilitate connections, provide innovatively, and we are a resource for growth to clients and stakeholders.


global corporate experts from diverse industry and cultural landscapes

from leading international businesswomen about their experiences within the corporate world and gain the latest market intelligence across the industry

face to face with your peers and make valuable connections across industry and the globe in both informal and business-focused environments

your own industry experiences, expertise and know-how during interactive panel discussions and Q&A sessions

women across business and industry


» Gain more insights:
Through real case studies and explorations, your assumptions are challenged and you gain new perspectives.

» Sustain actionable knowledge:
Harness information you already have into workable action plans.

» Managing for value:
Develop a keen understanding of how to manage the creation of value, using the Berkeley-developed Blue Line Management concept.

» Enhanced leadership skills:
Achieve increased confidence and managerial impact through our integrated Leadership Development Process, which includes powerful 360° feedback and coaching from our highly regarded Berkeley Global Leadership Centre.

» Grounding in the key business disciplines:
Essential to effective general-management decision-making, you will gain an integrated view of business by discovering key linkages across disciplines.


Identify appropriate metrics for the WOMEN CEO’s performance evaluation – resources &value additions alone or authenticity and how to grow into the future. Discuss challenges facing WOMEN CEO’s as it supports ways to overcome.

Identify solutions for women based on innovations that will support success as entrepreneurs.

We bring opportunities in the market for Women to give them business ideas and practical business plans required to get success.

Recognize women skills, identify area of improvements, learning opportunities to provide Women with comprehensive solutions.

Providing support and assistance to Women for doing start up.

Facilitate dialogue between Women technology innovators, Consultants and regulators to unlock the keys to widespread adoption. Facilitate a two-way interaction to map out future needs and areas where technology has yet to offer a solution. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of women by educating and training financial and entrepreneur leadership skills for future contribution to a healthy economy and society.


06:00 PM – 06:05 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme Investors Club
Berkeleyme Investors Club is a patent gold standard signature business club. We focus on both creating a global investors community and building a bridge to the skills and ideas of high level professionals with the aim to serve the international investment industry, in order to create value for the society. Read More..
Dr. Musa Shaikh
* Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
* President – Berkeleyme Global Holding
* Royal Family Investment Advisor
06:10 PM – 06:15 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme & MS (Voice of Global Women) – A Social Enterprise
Berkeleyme & MS (Voice of Global Women) – A Social Enterprise, support women to get their basic rights from parliament, ensuring women have access to FREE education and Healthcare, Justice at the doorstep, physical protection & mental health, child care benefits, along with generating employment opportunities and developing as entrepreneurs. Read More..
06:15 PM – 06:30 PM (UAE Time)      Develop Authentic leadership style: what makes you uniquely powerful?
Laura Everest
* Director and Founder – Laura Everest Consulting Services
* International Best Selling Author – REBUILT TO LAST; Choose to Flourish
* Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
* Master of Resilience
* Motivational Speaker
* Leadership and Professional Development Consultant
* Passionate about Empowering Women
More than 30 years of experience and a successful track record in leading and elevating business leaders and teams across the globe. Following a shattering accident, 8 years ago, with devastating injuries, I have defied all expectations to beat the odds. ( See my Profile) My recovery has been an inspirational journey of resilience and the power of leveraging personal strengths. Although Im still a work in progress, I’m not just surviving, I am thriving. We all face challenges but being crushed is not an option. We need to develop the strengths to thrive – especially in today’s business. We need to adapt swiftly. My mission is not to show people my superpowers, but to show them theirs. My focus is to enable others to flourish. Where you, your team or your organisation feel stuck, uncertain which direction to take, or want to elevate talent and take careers to their next level, I help determine that path. I help you recognise where you are uniquely powerful and vulnerable and how to leverage strengths to develop resilient , authentic leaders and teams who thrive.
06:30 PM – 06:35 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme Consultants
Berkeleyme Consultants is an American Network of Business Consulting working across the globe. Over the years, we are providing impeccable services to valued clients related to business solutions, related to Audit, Financing, accounting, tax, technology, consulting and advisory services. Read More..
06:35 PM – 06:50 PM (UAE Time)        Become future fit, future ready, and future proof with Women in Leadership
Nataliya Wiedemeyer
* Founder – GRAVITEAMS Management Consulting
Nataliya is a leader, corporate advisor, trainer, and facilitator. She generates value for her clients by empowering them to work more effectively and helping them to develop a forward-looking transformational leadership style, aligning the business strategy of the company with the personal development of its team members. Through online trainings and customized workshops Nataliya helps leaders and teams to identify the most suitable tools and approaches, embrace different communication styles, cultural diversity and combinations of values, assumptions, and beliefs for better performance. Nataliya has been a business and IT consultant, trainer and project manager since 2005 and worked with clients in Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia. As a founder of GRAVITEAMS designs and delivers cutting edge online trainings and certifications, as well as facilitates organizational workshops.
06:50 PM – 06:55 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme School of Management & Sciences
The World’s Largest Collection of Training Courses. We rephrase the world by educating people who make a difference in the world. Read More..
06:55 PM – 07:10 PM (UAE Time)      Women Empowerment
Marianna Bulbuc
* CEO and Managing partner – Bizzmosis Group
CEO and Managing Partner at Bizzmosis Group, recognized as most influential B2G networkers in the UAE 15 years specializing in the diplomatic and corporate world relationship development.
07:10 PM – 07:15 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme Immigration Services
Berkeleyme Immigration Division can assist you obtain a visa to live and work in Canada, Europe, UK, Australia & USA. We can assist business professionals and skilled workers with Work Permits, Residence Visas, Schengen Visas, and European Relocation Services. Read More..
07:15 PM – 07:30 PM (UAE Time)      Women Education and Empowerment
Dr. Amna Mahmood
* Professor/Chairperson – Department of Politics & International Relations
* Post-doc: University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA.
* Ph.D: University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.
07:30 PM – 07:35 PM (UAE Time)     
Berkeleyme Healthcare
Berkeleyme Healthcare Solutions, is one of the leading companies in the world. We have extensive expertise in local, regional and international healthcare environments, we provide best practice healthcare solutions tailored to meet your organisational requirements. We bring cost efficiency, excellence and reputation to your organization. Read More..
07:35 PM – 07:50 PM (UAE Time)       Women Business in the Middle East
Anna Koriakovskaia
* Board Member at EurAsia Gulf
Anna is a Business owner, Project Manager (PMP) and Software Developer with 20 years of experience in the IT industry. She has degrees in Mathematics and Finance and she is studying Global MBA at Alliance Manchester Business School. Anna is an author of ERP Prime application, the ERP solution for international market, adapted to the requirements of the UAE legislation. She established ANASOFT in 2016 to provide business solutions based on the 1C:Enterprise platform. The only investment in starting a new business was Anna’s knowledge and experience. The company develops only the best software for its clients. In 2018, ANASOFT gained a status of an official partner of 1C Company in the United Arab Emirates. In 2019, the company signed a contract with an American Oil Service Company for complex automation of the enterprise. In 2020, ANASOFT won the Gazprom ME tender for the supply of software. Anna is a qualified specialist in Finance, including RAS, IFRS and GAAP standards. In 2021, she joined EurAsia as a Board member and Head of Technology & Innovation Committee.
07:50 PM – 08:00 PM (UAE Time)       Invest in Women Entrepreneurship Incubation & Start-ups
Khulood Sha’ban
* Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Berkeley Middle East Holding
Khulood is a philanthropist, a business leader, successful business entrepreneur, and the most influence Arabic women in Gulf region. He is the CEO of Berkeley Middle East holding an American Emirati Joint venture conglomerate with a diversified portfolio. Khulood career is diversified over several roles including CEO, Director Finance, Financial Controller, & Chief Financial Officer based on decade of experience. Khulood core expertise to manage financial transactions for the whole group and in ongoing projects, arises through Merger or acquisitions, study the fundamental and technical feasibility, evaluate the investment risks by applying high level financial management tools for stakeholders keeping ERP, budgeting, variance reporting aligns with financial strategy of the shareholders. Her strengths are innovative & creativity toward a particular business venture, preparation of business plan, coordination with external auditors, lenders, regulatory authorities, compliances, meeting with investors for arranging of Funds, building a capital Structuring simple and complex, IPO’s securities, active management, & financial decision making.
08:00 PM (UAE Time)      CLOSING REMARKS


We acknowledge the dynamic individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the nation as well as to the business community over the past year. We seek to appreciate the invaluable individuals who work in such high-pressure positions and deliver the best value, and make it prominent how you give the benefit to your enterprise. To assist us in our search for the top minds, we invite you to make your voice heard via a nomination, so we can showcase those who strive to promote the growth and deserve to be commended.



This is your chance to get your brand noticed, enhance your company image, increase your network and, of course, grow your business at this unique conference. The benefit will be getting great promotions and receiving some free tickets to the conference as part of the deal. We will have an excellent range of sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested in discussing specific sponsorship opportunities, get in contact with us.


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