Press Release – Women Digital Start up Investment conference and Awards – Sep 3, 2022 – Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sunday – September 4, 2022

Berkeley Middle East Voice of Global Women, Abu Dhabi, hosted WOMEN DIGITAL STARTUP INVESTMENT CONFERENCE AND AWARDS a full-day event on SEP 3, 2022 at KHALIDIYA PALACE RAYHAAN BY ROTANA, ABU DHABI, UAE (PHYSICAL IN-PERSON) to celebrate Emirati Women Day & to prepare women for future leadership Initiative.

Abu Dubai, UAE – Over 100+ Emirati & Global citizens, including business executives, diplomates, public and private sector, and government officials. media representatives from various sectors. representing leading organizations gathered on SEP 3, 2022, at KHALIDIYA PALACE RAYHAAN BY ROTANA, ABU DHABI, UAE (PHYSICAL IN-PERSON) for celebrating Emirati Women Day & preparing women for future leadership Initiatives, arranged by Berkeley Middle East Holding, Musa Shaikh Voice of Global Women & Berkeley The Investors Club.

women digital start up
women digital startup
women digital startup
Dr Musa Shaikh

The highlights of the Women-focused event were addressed by the keynote Dr. Musa Shaikh, who highlighted the importance of Focusing on Women’s Development, Women Innovation, Creating Women’s Opportunities, Women Training, Consulting & Advisory for Start-ups, Women Start-ups & Incubators, and the Importance of Women’s Dialogue & Connectivity. Dr. Shaikh highlighted the importance of preparing women for future leadership with facts and figures from prestigious data-providing companies, it was very noticeable that 750 Million girls are out of school, which poses a big challenge on women’s development. H.E Salma Al Qubaisiwas a co-host, and she enlightened the audience with her intellectual thoughts and inspired the women to lead.

H.E. Dr. Asma Almannaei, Executive Director, research and innovation center, from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, addressed the audience on the topic of “Living the future of digital health, Abu Dhabi story”. She explained the progression of Abu Dhabi Government and its transformation into the world’s best health care city. She highlighted the vision of the government in terms of health technology and shared information on startup opportunities provided by the Government of Abu Dhabi, UAE. She inspired the audience and captured the focus with her impressive educational profile, vision, and innovative thoughts.

H.E. Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouie, The CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise and Development, Abu Dhabi, addressed the audience on entrepreneurship. She shared her motivational conversation on supporting startups especially digital tech. She showed her full support to Emirati Community and gave her valuable time to answer audience questions. She inspired the audience and left a deep impact on the audience with her beautiful thoughts.

HE Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouie

H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi spoke about “Women Entrepreneurship”, how to develop women as entrepreneurs, and presented her entrepreneurial platform, She announced two books: Voice of Emirati Women and  Voice of Global Women which will be co-authorized by 40 writers and will add value and share knowledge to the world on matters of special importance.

Maya AlHawary is the first Emirati Arab Ph.D. Scholars to research emotional intelligence and its effect on leadership in MENA. She spoke about “EQ to Lead a Digital Age”, she inspired the audience with her thoughts on emotional intelligence and grabbed the audience’s attention with her impressive thoughts and thorough speech.

Noora Alawadi is a corporate Strategy Specialist of the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai. She shared her amazing thoughts with the audience on the topic of “Art & Tech Entrepreneurship” and she blended the art and tech in a beautiful way that impressed the audience.

Dr Eng Hamsah Khalil

Dr. Eng. Hamsah Khalil is a Sustainability and climate change Specialist, a Sustainability Consultant with a Ph.D. in Sustainable Built Environment, and a research degree focused on multi-institutional collaboration for the advancement of new technology. She highlighted that “Women are increasingly being seen as more vulnerable than men to the impacts of climate change”. She inspired the audience and left them with the thought of the importance of climate change.

Naser Al Riyami is a Founding Partner of ChangeWorks HRC, a Psychologist, and a Mental Health Consultant. He is an Emirati Mental Health Expert, individual and group psychotherapist & laughter yoga Expert. He inspired the audience with his laughter yoga speech. The audience got extremely excited and overwhelmed by his impressive and inspiring way of laughing and he impacted the audience and brought laughter to their faces.

Hana Al Yazeedi is the CEO & Founder – of HomesBIS and also a Senior Manager of Institutional Performance at a Federal Higher Education entity. She is an Emirati woman who talked on the topic “My Startup Roadmap – A Journey to Sustainable Living”, She was very impressive with her innovative ideas and left the audience with deep thoughts. 

Hana Al Yazeedi

Prof. Sherley Louis is a director International Teaching Academy and an internationally recognized educator and leader known for her culturally-relevant teaching experiences while offering authentic and quality American education to students internationally. During her presentation, she engaged the audience and grab their attention

Maryam Ahmed Hassani is the founder and CEO of Zealous, a UAE-based match-making app that makes networking in the tech space easy, personal, and meaningful. She explained her app and its connection and value for the users. The audience spend a great time listening to her talks and appreciated it. 

Dr. Saif Mohamed Obaid Almoaili is an Individual and enterprise development expert and practitioner of etiquette and international protocol. He started his talk by engaging the audience in activities and later presented his thoughts on “Excellence in Entrepreneurship”. He got the audience’s attention and focus and enjoyed a great audience connection. He left the stage by spreading smiles on everyone’s faces.

A panel of four participants was arranged and hosted by H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi on the topic of “Idea to Startup” which was contributed by Sheikha Abdulla Al Nuaimi, Nada Ahmed El Gazzar, Rosheen Ngorima, and Adeshola Onadipe. Everyone talked about entrepreneurship and their own journeys from idea to startup. It was a very valuable experience sharing and the audience appreciated it.

women digital startup

Najwa Albreiki is a Life Coach at Change Works Abu Dhabi. She spoke about the “Social media dilemma for new business owners”. She was very instrumental and vocal and left the audience inspired by her thoughts and remarks.

Deborah Botha is a Chief Partnership Officer. She has worked as a consultant and architect for 25 years on everything around what we call system of insights, data governance, data insights, data science, and artificial intelligence today. She has” Diversity & Inclusion in Investments, Strategy, Teams, and Solutions in AI Start-Ups”. Her presentation was embedded with deep knowledge and experience. She engaged the audience and left a deep impact on them. 

Heba Yacout Elallaf is the Founder and Managing Director of C M I for Information Technology. She talked about “How Change Management is core for a successful landing of any new technology/solution”. She engaged the audience and left them with very useful ideas about change management in organizations

Fatima Almeraikhi is an ambitious Emirati, endeavoring in innovation and creativity. A nuclear technology student, and the president of the student council at Abu Dhabi Polytechnic. As an engineering student at ADpoly, her enthusiasm always exceeds her horizons. She was the youngest speaker in the pool and showed immense confidence in her communication skills. She engaged the audience and motivated them for creating innovation and creativity at work.

women digital

Dr. Musa Shaikh appreciated the sponsors, Berkeley Digital Technology, International Teaching Academy & Salma AL Qubaisi Holding for their contributions towards women digital start-up conference.

Berkeley technology
AlQubaisi logo
International Teaching Academy

He praised the Investor club to invest in conference and B&MS Voice of Global Women for conducting such a wonderful event. 

Voice of Global Women

Voice of Global Women

HE Dr Asma Almannaei

H.E. Dr. Asma Almannaei

“The Most Inspiring Women Health Leader 2022”

women digital

Maya AlHawary

“The Most Innovative Tech Leader


H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi

“The Most Strategic Tech Leader


Noora Alawadi

“The Most Inspiring Youth Leader


Dr. Eng. Hamsah Khalil

“The Most Dynamic Sustainability Leader


Naser Al Riyami

“The Most Innovative Mental Health Professional”


H.E. Alia Abdulla Al Mazrouie

“The Most Inspiring Women Leader 2022


Hana Al Yazeedi

“The Most Prestigious Entrepreneur 2022”


Maryam Ahmed Hassani

“The Most Innovative Youth Strategist”


Najwa Albreiki

“The Most Dynamic Life Coach”


Deborah Botha

“Life Time Achievement in Tech Leadership”


Heba Yacout Elallaf

“The Most Creative Information Technology Entrepreneur”


Dr. Saif Mohamed Obaid Almoaili

“The Most Inspiring Leader”


Nada Ahmed El Gazzar

“The Most Creative Coach”


Sheikha Abdulla Al Nuaimi

“The Most Distinguished Women Leader”


Fatima Almeraikhi

“The Most Ambitious Youth Leader 2022


Dr. Musa Shaikh

“The Most Innovative Group CEO”


Prof. Sherley Louis

“The Most Inspiring Academic Woman leader

The event was closed at 5pm UAE Time with an aim to meet again with a new spirit and shall continue our efforts to prepare women for future leadership.