Press Release - Global Women Leadership Conference & Awards - Aug 27, 2022 - Dusit Thani Dubai, UAE

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Berkeley Middle East hosts Women Leadership Conference & Awards, a full-day event at Dusit Thani Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Saturday, August 27, 2022, Emirati Women Day & Preparing women for future leadership Initiative

global women
Global women

Dubai, UAE – Over 120 Emirati & Global citizens, including business executives, diplomates, public and private sector, and government officials. media representatives from various sectors. representing leading organizations gathered at the Dusit Thani in Dubai on Saturday, August 27, 2022 to participate in  Emirati Women’s Day & Preparing women for future leadership Initiative arranged by Berkeley & Musa Shaikh Voice of Global Women & Berkeley The Investors Club.    

Global women
global women

The highlights of the Women-focused event were the keynote addresses by Dr. Musa Shaikh, where he highlighted FOCUS ON WOMEN’s DEVELOPMENT, WOMEN INNOVATION, CREATING WOMEN’s OPPORTUNITIES, WOMEN TRAINING, CONSULTING, AND ADVISORY FOR START-UPS, WOMEN START-UPS & INCUBATORS: & IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN DIALOGUE AND CONNECTIVITY. Dr.Shaih highlighted the importance of preparing women for future leadership; with facts and figures from prestigious data-providing companies, it was very noticeable that 750 Million girls are out of school, which poses a big challenge for women’s development.   Maitha al Balochi was Co-host, and she spread laughter all around the show, and the audience was amazed at her performance.

H.E. Aarefa Saleh Al Falahi addressed the event and discussed Emirati Women’s Evolvement in the UAE. She shared her personal life success story and inspired the women in the audience to continue their work progress and align modern knowledge with traditional cultural values.

H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi spoke about how to develop women as entrepreneurs and presented her entrepreneur platform, She announced two books with the name, Voice of Emirati Women and  Voice of Global Women will be co-authorized by 40 writers and will add value and share knowledge to the world on matters of special importance.

H.E. Dr. Amna Al Nakhi introduced the concept of Vitamins and explained few very important vitamins for our success, she engaged the audience with her majestic personality and added great value for the listeners.

Prof. Sherley Louis is a director International Teaching Academy is an internationally recognized educator and leader known for her culturally-relevant teaching experiences while offering authentic and quality American education to students internationally. During her presentation, she engaged the audience and grab the attention.

H.E. Hind Mubarak Al Zaabi Executive Director Healthcare Facilities Sector from Department of Health Abu Dhabi, spoke to the audience and highlighted the women in leadership in United Arab Emirates, on the same time, she acknowledged the valuable services of doctors and related medical professionals during COVID19 and post covid governance. Her speech was impressive and she left a deep impact on the audience with her thoughts.

Dr. Abeer Naajem AlRasbi is a founder & CEO – LEAD for Training and Consultation & Director, Student Leadership at Zayed University spoke on Art of self leadership and inspired the audience with her dynamic knowledge and empowering skills. 

Ellen Joncheere is CEO of HRD Antwerp, a diamond and jewellery certification company located in Antwerp, Belgium; with worldwide offices and grading laboratories in Belgium (Antwerp), India (Mumbai , Surat), UAE (Dubai), Spain (Madrid), She share her success story and transformation into a women leader. Her presentation was focused on diamond testing and a real time demonstration was arranged on stage, which audience appreciated a lot.

Asma Jan Muhammad spoke about Priority Paradox for the better half, she grabbed the focus on intellectual audience in hall and inspired with her deep thoughts about the topic. 

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow was the topic of panel discussion where Mona SulaimanTajarbi, Sandi Saksena and Nousheen Mukhtar shared thoughts on this very sensitive topic.

Fatima Alharthi is a multi talented Emirati woman enthusiastic in advanced scuba diving, mountains hike, traveling and life style subjects, she talked about fearless Emirati and grab the attention of audience and inspire with her thoughts.

Asma Al Mansoori was the last speaker of the event and she concluded her thoughts  on keep a positive attitude.

Dr. Musa Shaikh appreciated the sponsors, Berkeley Middle East holding, International Teaching Academy & HRD Antwerp for their contributions towards women leadership conference.

International Teaching Academy

He praised the Investor club to invest in conference and B&MS Voice of Global Women for conducting such a wonderful event. 

Voice of Global Women

Award ceremony was conducted and winners got the certificate of award on stage.

global women

Mr. Mian Munir Hans

“The Most Engaging Community leader”

global women

Dr. Mustafa Saasa

“The Most Connected Community Leader”

Investors Clubs

Dr. Musa Shaikh

“The Most Influential Community Leader”

global women

Fatima Dhawi Alharthi

“The Most Adventurer Entrepreneur”

global women

Asma Al Mansoori

“The Most Professional Banker”

global women

Sandi Saksena

“Life Time Achievement”

global women

Prof. Sherley Louis

“The Most Intellectual Educator”

global women

Mona Sulaiman Tajarbi

“The Most Innovative Entrepreneur”

global women


“Life Time Achievement”

global women

Dr. Amna Al Nakhi

“The Most Dynamic Transformation Leader”

global women

Ellen Joncheere

“The Best Women Entrepreneur”

global women

Dr. Abeer Naajem AlRasbi

“The Most Dynamic Coach”

global women

H.E. Hind Mubarak Al Zaabi

“The Most Inspiring Leader – HealthCare”


global women

H.E. Aarefa Saleh Al Falahi

“The Most Inspiring Leader”

global women

H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi

“The Most Innovative Tech Leader”