In the sector of tourism and travel, a myriad of opportunities exist in the rehabilitation and construction of hotels, restaurants and other tourism infrastructure. DRC’s unique tourist opportunities including wildlife reserves, indigenous cultures, and geological wonders establishes the DRC as a perfect country for those who seek to connect to nature and mankind. Twelve percent of the country is made up of protected areas including 7 national areas and 57 reserves with great ecotourism potential. DRC offers a wide range of tourist attractions in different provinces ranging from the seaside to the safaris and cultural structures. DRC caters to the business as well as leisure.

The DRC has four endemic species including Mountain Gorillas, Okapi, Bonobos, and the Congolese peacock. Moreover, the country has a variety of species in its ecosystem covering almost 145 million hectares.


  • 12% of the territory established as protected areas;
  • 7 national parks and 57 reservations areas;
  • Many touristic sites available.
  • Presence of four endemic species:
  • Mountain Gorilla, Okapi, Bonobo and Congolese Peacock;
  • Ecosystem varieties covering almost 145 million ha.


  • Accommodations
  • Adventure Tourism and Recreation Attractions Events and Conferences
  • Food and Beverage
  • Tourism Services
  • Transportation
  • Travel Trade


  • Rehabilitation and construction of hotels, restaurants, protected areas and other touristic infrastructure;
  • Designing new touristic sites;
  • Modernization of national parks and joint management opportunity;
  • Development of eco-tourism;
  • Construction of hotel in the Virugna Park and a tourist site;
  • Rehabilitation of the botanical EALE garden in Equateur;
  • Creation of fluvial boating touristic transportation;
  • Creation of a marina, lakeside transportation and hiking;
  • Setting up of a cable car in the Virunga Mountains and in the volcanic site with accommodation and catering;
  • Creation of seaside resorts with beaches, shoreline access camping equipment.


The adoption in progress of a very attractive tourism code.