There are numerous infrastructure construction opportunities for American firms with most of the projects structured as public-private partnerships. In March 2016, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works identified over $6 billion in transportation and utilities related infrastructure construction and rehabilitation projects over the next six years.

The Government objectives are to modernize railroad infrastructures and the airport equipment of safety and security in addition to maintaining, laying out and tagging the waterways in the country.


  • A road network of 145.000 km, with only 3 000 km covered roads;
  • A 5 033 km railroad network to rehabilitate completely;
  • A maritime, river and Lake network of 16 238 km to tag, dredge and exploit;
  • 270 airport Platforms to reconstruct;
  • 2 maritime international ports to modernize;
  • Several ports in the country need to be equipped and dredged;
  • The interconnection roads of economic pools.


  • Health care infrastructure
  • Road infrastructure
  • Electrical generation and transmission infrastructure
  • Water and sewage infrastructure
  • Lodging Educational infrastructure


  • Construction of a deep-water port at Banana.
  • Construction of railroads, including the Banana-Matadi-Kinshasa- Ilebo railway;
  • Modernization of SNCC and SCTP railroads;
  • The modernization and equipment of the maritime ports of Matadi and Boma;
  • Modernization of SCTP ports in the country.


A bill on public private partnership, allowing the private sector to invest in area previously reserved exclusively to the public sector.