WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONFERENCE AND AWARDS 2019 is an initiative of Berkeley Middle East Forums which aims at the women learning and development so they can create difference in the world and contribute towards the society by utilizing their skills with the slogan of “Be Your Own Boss”.

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“Welcome Speech”
Dr. Musa Shaikh
Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding

“Unlock the Power of You”
Sana Bagersh
CEO & Managing Director – BrandMoxie

“Transformation into an Entrepreneur”
Sarah Dong
Executive Director CEO Clubs Network

“Enjoying Life Through Work, Rest & Play”
Jane Northcote
World Trade Club Sales Executive and Event Organiser

“Be a Voice and Not an Echo”
Omaira Farooq Al Olama
Managing Director – ALF Administration

“Staying on the Top”
Roxana Jaffer
CEO, Sovereign -Hotels Group & Founder of a NGO

“Balance Passions with Reasons”
Zeina Kabbara
Founder & Managing Director of Zee Ateliers

“Staying in Business Through Challenging Economic Times”
Kanaka Banerjee
Creative Head & Managing Director – Communique Advertising, Managing Director – Commubiz General Trading

“My Journey into Manufacturing”
Stevi Lowmass
Owner and Founder – The Camel Soap Factory LLC

“Women in Power”
Hadeel AlMasri
Founder & Managing Director – Merit Consulting

“My Rollercoaster Ride”
Sian Rowlands
Founder and CEO of RETOLD

“Balancing Work Life with Mental Wellbeing”
Helene Gaubert
Group Recruitment Manager Saudi German Hospitals KSA

“Ready To Be The CEO-U of Your Life & Living”
Jennifer Randive
CEO – Focus Direct

“Your Relation with Money”
Sandi Saksena
CEO – Empowerment Officer

“The Shortcut to Happiness”
Samar Al-Hasan
Founder and CEO Arab Executives For Human Resources Development




Award Ceremony