Gallery of Global Business Women Conference - Jan 30, 2021

The Global Business Women Conference 2021 is back again with its new theme “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. This Conference is the women entrepreneurial live online gathering. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses through access to information, contacts, and capital. It is suitable for anyone in any stage of business for those who just got started, and for those already in business for decades. Here you will find resources and opportunities to grow and learn. The empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their social, economic, and health status are highly important. In addition, it is essential for the achievement of sustainable development. In this conference, we will work together to highlight the essential role of educating women in improving their status and enhancing their decision-making capacity at all levels and in all spheres of life. We facilitate connections, provide innovatively, and we are a resource for growth to clients and stakeholders.


“Opening Remarks”

“Berkeleyme & MS – Voice of Global Women”
Dr. Musa Shaikh

* Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
* President – Berkeleyme Global Holding
* Royal Family Investment Advisor

Melanie Goel
* Owner & Brand Strategist – MG Brand Consulting

Maitha Alblooshi
* Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – Scrum master at ENBD

Nada Ahmed El Gazzar
* Business Excellence & Personal Development Expert -Rabdan Academy

Fatima Mohammed
* Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Better Ever After
* Happiness Life Coach – TEDx Speaker – Amazon best-selling Author

Sharifa Al Sagaaf
* Talent Development Manager – Ex Emaar

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi
* Vice President, Women Empowerment & Development
* Founder, Women Empowerment Forum, LinkedIn

Tima Elhajj
* CEO & Founder – Tima Media & Consulting

Kirsten Westholter
* Managing Director – Rising Phoenix Consultancy

Jelena D Topic
* Lawyer/LL.M In Human Rights and European Legal System
* VVIP Royal Dubai Air Wing/Emirates – Airline First Class

Carla Cairos Da Silva
* Director General – Radices Consulting

Khulood Shaban
* Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Berkeley Middle East Holding

“Closing Remarks”

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