Banking, assurances and microfinance sectors objectives are the creation of specialized financial institutions and operational efficiency of existing banks. The DRC’s banking system is comprised of the BCC and 18 commercial banks as well as savings/credit cooperatives, microfinance institutions, financial transfer services, and one development bank, SOFIDE. A postal checking system and several credit cooperatives exist and the Citibank-DRC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citigroup, is the only U.S. bank in the DRC.


  • A market of around 70 million people;
  • 18 commercial banks, 1 saving bank;
  • 3 specialized financial institutions;
  • 3 institutions of electronic money;
  • 2 saving and credit cooperatives;
  • 23 micro-finance institutions;
  • 55 Messengers and 15 currency exchange offices;
  • Sectors fully open to competition.


  • Creation of business specialized banks: development bank, settlement bank, farming bank, etc
  • Creation of a structured financial market;
  • Creation of micro-finance institutions in the countryside, where live more than 70% of the population who are excluded from the formal banking system;
  • Setting up leasing company;
  • Creation of insurance companies, reinsurance, health insurance and intermediary in private insurance.


  • The enactment of the law on the liberalization of insurance;
  • The adoption of a more liberal banking law in compliance with international standards;
  • The enactment of the law on leasing in 2015;
  • The enactment of the Law of micro-finance institutions in 2011;
  • The enactment of the new currency exchange regulation in 2014.