Marium Waqas is an international interior and furniture designer based in Pakistan and Dubai. she was born in Pakistan. Marium completed her education at the best and most renowned Kinnaird College University in Lahore. She always had an acute aesthetic sense and a flair for design and art. Immediate after her studies, she got married and started a family but remained passionate about her creative dreams . It was hard to manage her family and children with work at the same time, however pursuing her dreams she started her business with hopes to change the lifestyles with design and art.

Marium started her business Diva Homes from her house with a vision to transform living spaces by creating value and sustainability. In a very short time, Diva Homes became a successful venture and clients noticed the great value of her services.Her designs and concepts got huge appreciation, and in time a complete furniture manufacturing facility was established to make sure of quality and design value of the brand ,implementing her design and ideas, into a reliable, sustainable, durable, and tangible asset. A showroom was also established in time.

<strong>Marium Waqas<strong> Founder and CEO DIVA HOMES
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She is a woman on a mission. Her mission is to make aesthetically pleasing spaces and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Her focus is on now on residential and commercial projects, her values are eco-friendly, creative, style, and sustainable designs. When a customer thinks of Diva Homes, Marium’s sense of creativity, style, and value comes in the mind. Marium strives for perfection and excellence. Her projects aim to add more style to her client’s lifestyles.

Marium entered the UAE market to reach international customers, focusing on her core business values, to deliver to clients the most creative interior concepts in town. Her products and services are cost-effective and sustainable, and are a balance of nature art and style.

She is a motivation and inspiration for all women who want to be successful in the business environment and lead the business from the top. She had been awarded “The most Creative Pakistani Interior Designer” in Dubai.