BERKELEY MIDDLE EAST FORUMS is a platinum platform consists on a special class of selective and unique business leaders, created with the vision to exchange value, promote creativity and innovation, adopting the best practices and linking the best leaders together with special focus on Middle East. We bring all business leaders, C Level Executives from all over the world, get yourself recognized with your innovative ideas and creativity in our seminars, conferences, and training with your participation.

Create an opportunity where you can contribute to society through your knowledge, working papers and research work while presenting to the members and community a right target audience under media presence. We provide opportunity to Learn Market innovation & Leadership. We bring best updates for you and keep yourself updated what’s going on in in Middle East and the global, exchange human capital, technology, and Corporate Business Values.



BERKELEY MIDDLE EAST FORUMS aim to develop business leaders by Focusing on Training & Development with objective of Human resource development, capacity building, resource sharing, innovation and technology transfer, co-sourcing through Trainings, events & Conference, along with appreciation of business leaders through awards.


Innovation, Impact and Leadership for future Growth focusing on human resource development through innovative learning.



CFO Forum exclusively focuses on Finance Professionals provides opportunity to learn and share knowledge the power and professional expertise focusing on finance and entrepreneurial leadership through technology, innovation and creativity. Latest trends, topics of high importance, innovative ways to optimize accounting and financial segments.

We bridge CFO’s and Leaders from USA with Emirates and build up environment of learning through our signature conference, seminars, one to one learning sessions and training programs designed to optimize the skills and abilities. Join our forum and contribute in social responsibility to share and learn to lead and deliver from front.


The Human Resources Forum is an initiative of the Berkeley Middle East Holding, which aims to support this arising region, in order to contribute to the future growth of this powerful cluster of attractive emerging & frontier markets.

We are striving to create best possible Human Resources Management support by providing a platform for Senior HR Executives responsible for this region to exchange experience and discuss issues. Also an objective of this Forum is to connect expanding enterprises from different industries, so that they can share their different points of view with the audience and build up a relevant network, which can be beneficial to all with the same roadmaps. Join us and be a part of this signature forum and complete your social responsibility.


Women Entrepreneurship Forum is a comprehensive series of Training events which aims at the women learning and development so they can create difference in world and contribute towards the society by utilizing their skills which the slogan of “Be your own Boss”.

We are striving to facilitate connections, provide innovative education, and be a resource for growth to clients and stakeholders. The women forum is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned businesses through access to information, contacts, and capital. This is suitable for anyone in any stage of business. Our mission of the Women entrepreneurship skill development is women Empowerment that support and accelerate women’s business ownership, entrepreneurship, and strengthen their skills and competence development. Join us and be a part of this signature forum and complete your social responsibility.