Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM is an initiative of Berkeley Middle East which aims at the CFO learning and development; so they can create a difference in the world and contribute towards the society by utilizing their skills with lot of networking and relationship building opportunities.


We aim to facilitate connections, provide innovative education, and be a resource for growth to clients and stakeholders. This Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM focuses on Accounting and Finance Professionals by providing opportunity to learn and share knowledge the power and professional expertise focusing on accounting and financial leadership through technology, innovation and creativity. Latest trends, topics of high importance, innovative ways to optimize accounting and financial solutions. We bridge CFO’s and Leaders from all over the world and build up environment of learning through our signature conference, seminars, one to one learning sessions and training programs designed to optimize the skills and abilities.

Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM brings together CFOs, COOs and senior finance and accounting executives to discuss their rapidly evolving roles amid ongoing regulatory developments. This new era demands an accounting, taxation, auditing, finance and organisational leader involved in varying aspects of the success of in business. It is vital for finance, regulation, deal flow, investor relations, accounting standard implementations & monitoring.

The Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM will tackle the widened breadth of responsibilities, delivering practical knowledge for the members. It is to strengthen their ability to lead and become an invaluable resource across all aspects of the business. Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM is a high-level discussion group formed and attended by the Chief Financial Officers various sector corporations. Its aim is to influence the development of financial reporting, value based reporting, and related compliance issues for enterprises on behalf of its members, who represent a significant part of the economy from different sectors.

The issue of accounting standards has risen up the agenda in recent years and is the focus of discussion at a national and supra-national level. The decisions that are finally reached in relation to new standards are likely to have a significant impact on the day-to-day operations of different industries. The Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM therefore exists to help manage this process and ultimately helps provide stability, consistency and transparency for investors. Global taxation, accounting software’s, and auditing matters requires deep level of understanding and highly exposure CFO to interact so knowledge share become effective.


Innovation is the only constant variable required to include in the policies and strategies of the any organization. The Internet and the now near ubiquity of smart phones & devices have upended the model of business patterns. As new business models like mobile apps and eCommerce business process and models has already redefine the business patterns in cost effective ways. We focus to highlight the latest innovation in the field of accounting and finance focusing on CFO’s requirements.


How CFO’s are performing wisely by adopting latest business management advancements in order to optimize the business resources is incredible. We bring CFO”s on board to share their success stories to motivate others by creating a network of high quality professionals.


A good leader doesn’t wait until the facts on the ground change to make a change. A good leader anticipates the possible changes and develops the best strategy in advance to manage the most important changes ahead. The disruptive role of technology, business practice innovation and a much more heightened importance placed on industry inclusion represent changes that have not fully materialized as industry does not have enough leaders who can chart a course to build on changes. We are providing such Financial leaders through our dynamic approach of training, development & advisory.


The Berkeley Middle East CFO FORUM will add value in the field of accounting and finance by focusing on the development of CFO’s on various matters related to strategic, development, leadership and technical skills related to core field of financial reporting, regulation and other related developments for enterprises on behalf of its members, who represent a significant part of the economy. We attempt to create financial leadership. We aim to ensure that reporting is developed to meet the needs of all users/stakeholders, reflecting the nature of various businesses, in order to achieve improved transparency of reporting and increased comparability both between enterprises, and between other industries. Global financial challenges and complexities are vital. Its provide opportunities not limited to, investors, analysts, regulators and relevant bodies.


Identify appropriate metrics for the CFO’s performance evaluation – resources &value additions alone or authenticity and how to grow into the future. Discuss challenges facing CFO’s as it supports ways to overcome.

Recognize CFO skills, identify area of improvements, learning opportunities to provide CFO with comprehensive solutions.

Identify solutions for CFO based on innovations that will support success as financial leaders.

We bring opportunities in the market for CFO to give them an access of potential opportunities in the market and bridge them with right employers.

Get yourself RECOGNIZED with your innovative ideas and creativity in our seminars, conferences, and trainings with your participation.
We Facilitate dialogue between CFO’s. Facilitate a two-way interaction to map out future needs and areas where a talent and business comes into win-win situation. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of CFO’s by educating and training financial leadership skills for future contribution to a economy and society.


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A transformational experience designed to enhance your portfolio of leadership approaches—taking your career and company to the next level of success by building your concept.

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Prepare to lead in a complex environment by acquiring the analytical and strategic skills to drive innovation, performance, and effective decision making.

The CFO TRAINING PROGRAM is the globally recognized, advanced-level credential appropriate for accountants and financial professionals in business. Achieving the CFO TRAINING PROGRAM demonstrates your professional expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics – skills that are in demand by organizations around the world.