Gallery of Pride of Pakistan Women Conference - Jul 31, 2021

This conference is the largest Pakistani women’s entrepreneurial live online gathering. Pakistan has amazing women who are all worth being dubbed inspirational in so many ways. We believe that every woman is an inspiration, from the stay-at-home mama dedicating her life and soul to her adorable children, to the CEO at the head of the biggest company fighting every day to get the appreciation she deserves.


“Berkeleyme & MS – Voice of Global Women”
Dr. Musa Shaikh

* Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
* President – Berkeleyme Global Holding
* Royal Family Investment Advisor

Nighat Akbar Shah
Entrepreneur, Investor, Vice President – Shah Holdings Group

Nibras Masoom
FP&A Manager AMESA – Pepsi Co

Urooj Farhat
Audit Director – KPMG

Haseeba Mohsin
Kintsugi Coach

Saadia Bokhari
Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer

Amna Hussain
Founder & CEO – Amna Hussain Consultancy

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