Emirati Children's Day Conference 2024

Friday - March 15, 2024 (4PM - 5PM)
United Arab Emirates
(Live Online)

Berkeley Middle East & Musa Shaikh Voice of Global Women Brings, The Emirati Children’s Day Conference 2024 which will be a livestream session.

The Emirati Children’s Day is celebrated annually on March 15 in the UAE, following the directive of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima, who serves as the President of the Supreme Council for Childhood and the Supreme Chairperson for Family Development. This special day marks the anniversary of the “Wadimah” child rights document’s publication in 2016, showcasing the nation’s dedication to protecting children’s rights, enhancing their well-being in the fields of health and education, and addressing obstacles that may impede their growth and progress. The theme for this year’s Emirati Children’s Day is “The Right to a Sustainable Environment,” underscoring the country’s achievements in child welfare and stressing the significance of community awareness in securing a bright future and rights for children.




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Voice of Global Women


Musa Shaikh

  • Group CEO – Berkeley Middle East Holding
  • Founding Director Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women
  • CEO – The Investors Club
  • Dean- Berkeley School of Management Sciences

Salma Al Qubaisi

  • President – Al Qubaisi Holding Abu Dhabi
  • Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women Abu Dhabi – President
  • The Investors Club – Board Member
  • Government of Abu Dhabi – IT Planning & Strategy

H.E. Aarefa Al Falahi

  • Board Member, RAK Chamber of Commerce
  • Board Member of RAK Insurance Company
  • Board Member of Emirates Sports & Cultrual club
  • Member of Board of RAK SME Association
  • Chairman, RAK Chamber of Commerce Exhibition Committee​
Khulood Shaban

Khulood Shaban

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Berkeley Middle East Holding

4:00 PM – 4:15 PM (UAE Time):



Musa Shaikh

Dr. Musa Shaikh
Berkeley Middle East Holding

Group CFO & CEO

  • Royal Family Investment Advisor
  • Berkeleyme & MS Voice of Global Women – Founding Director

Shaikh is a Certified Public Accountant, a Fellow member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK, and a CGMA from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, an Associate member of the Institute of Financial Accountants, a fellow member of International Accountants. He is a Certified Internal Auditor from the Institue of Internal Audit, Florida, USA, a Certified Information System Auditor, and a Fellow Member of Securities and Investments from CISI, United Kingdom. He is a double graduate in law and business, LLB (Hons) from Buckinghamshire New University UK, a Master in Law from Kings College London, a Master in Business Administration from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, a Master in Public Administration from Chichester University, He is a Certified Project Management Professional from PMI, USA. He has amazing capabilities to innovate, equipped with deep knowledge of Artificial intelligence, system architecture, and data sciences. He is a certified Amazon AWS Data Analytics and certified Solutions Architecture Professional. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading financial strategies, planning & budgeting, corporate governance, FP&A, VC, Corporate finance, strategies for turnaround, Risk and compliance management, acquisitions for startups & large projects, financial modeling, due diligence, and advise on leading key business complex matters on a global scale.

4:15 PM – 4:25 PM (UAE Time)

TOPIC: “Equality”


Saif Akram Mohamed

Saif Akram Mohamed

Saif, at the tender age of twelve, stands as a beacon of awareness and activism in the realm of child rights. His profound understanding of these rights coupled with his unwavering dedication to making a difference has earned him widespread recognition and accolades. Saif was Born with an innate sense of justice and empathy, his journey towards becoming a child rights advocate began at an early age. Growing up in a nurturing environment that encouraged compassion and social responsibility, he developed a keen awareness of the challenges faced by children around him.
At the heart of Saif’s endeavors lies his passion for advocacy. Recognizing the prevalence of cyberbullying as a pervasive issue among his peers, Saif embarked on a mission to raise awareness about its detrimental effects. Through innovative projects and initiatives, he spearheaded campaigns aimed at educating children about online safety and fostering a culture of empathy and respect in digital spaces.
Saif’s commitment to combating cyberbullying garnered him prestigious accolades, including the esteemed Hamdan Award for distinguished student and DUPHAT recognition for his Bullying project. His innovative approaches and tireless efforts have not only elevated discourse surrounding cyberbullying but have also empowered countless children to navigate the digital world with confidence and resilience.
In addition to his advocacy in the digital sphere, Saif has also dedicated himself to raising awareness about physical disabilities, particularly spina bifida. Through educational programs and outreach initiatives, he strives to dispel misconceptions and promote inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. His efforts in this regard have earned him widespread acclaim, culminating in his Red Crescent Own award.

4:25 PM – 4:35 PM (UAE Time)

TOPIC: “Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape: From Idea to Impact”


Fares Faisal Al Maari

From a young age Fares almaari was always keen about commerce and economics and he was fascinated by the business world and how it operates so he studied about it for 3 years and signed up in a financial course and is inspiring young kids around the UAE to follow their dreams and start a business and that you can turn your ideas into reality, and is applying what he learned to foster a extraordinary future and build a astounding reputation and show kids that anything is possible.

4:35 PM – 4:45 PM (UAE Time)

TOPIC: “Children standing up for themselves”


Nadine Hisham Abou El Seoud

Nadine Seoud is in year 7 and has been selected as class ambassador. Since the age of 6, Nadine Seoud started to fall in love with LoL dolls and she wanted to help people get to know more about interesting childhood topics and wanted to spend her time in a more useful way during lockdown where she started her instagram page @lol_sweets_by_nadine_seoud and posted many videos there using LoL dolls. As she wanted her message to reach as many people as possible, she shared it with her friends at school, her family and instagram followers.
Since she started to attend with her mother in her coaching workshops, she started to have courage in doing her class ambassador video and stand in-front of the camera and tried many times until she did the winning video then she loved the concept of videos and started raising awareness about many topics such as empathy, good friendships using LOL toys in roleplaying and giving lectures to her class mates too. Nadine has been interviewed on TV and kids magazines several times too. Nadine wants to be scientist when she grows up and wishes to explore the space too as she is so fascinated about it

4:45 PM (UAE Time)



KHlood Ibrahim

Khlood Ibrahim

Relationship Department

Imthiyas Hameed

Group Director Operations

Khulood Shaban

Khulood Shaban

Group CFO & CEO

Maria Malykh

Director – Business Development

Alifiya Bohra

Director – Business Development

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