BERKELEY INVESTORS CLUB is a patent Gold standard signature Business Club focusing on bridging investor communities globally and bringing professional skills and ideas together, with the aim to multiply wealth and create value for society. BERKELEY INVESTORS CLUB strives to promote investments as an independent, not-for-profit association joined by Government entities, large multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies, and prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs & investors.



July 27, 2024

Women Finance Leaders Roundtable Conference and Awards 2024 – London, UK (Physical-in-Person)

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August 24, 2024

Emirati Womens Day Conference Awards 2024

Emirati Women’s Day Conference & Awards 2024 – Dubai, UAE (Physical-in-Person)


November 16, 2024

Women Riyadh CFO 2024 September

Women CFO Riyadh Roundtable Conference and Awards 2024 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Physical-in-Person)

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November 30, 2024

Women CFO Dubai Roundtable Conference and Awards 2024 – Dubai, UAE (Physical in-Person)

Abu Dhabi

April 26, 2025


Women CFO Abu Dhabi Roundtable Conference and Awards 2025 – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Physical-in-Person)


September 27, 2025

Women CFO 2025 Doha

Women CFO Doha Roundtable Conference and Awards 2025 – Doha, Qatar (Physical in-Person)


Live Online

June 27, 2024

Learn about the latest changes to the CPA Exam (Live Online)

Live Online

July 4, 2024

A Comprehensive Guidance on Intellectual Property Law in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

A Comprehensive Guidance on Intellectual Property Law in United Arab Emirates (Live Online)

Live Online

March 19, 2025

The Zayed Day for Humanitarian 2025 (Live Online)


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October 26, 2024

Emirates Tech & Innovation Exhibition, Conference & Awards – Dubai, UAE (Physical in-Person)

Abu Dhabi

November 23, 2024

Abu Dhabi Build Sell Exhibition 2024

Abu Dhabi Build & Sell Exhibition, Conference and Awards – Abu Dhabi, UAE (Physical-in-Person)



British Emirates Trade & Investment Conference & Awards – London, UK (Physical in-person)

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Pakistan United Arab Emirates Trade and Investment Conference and Expo – Lahore, Pakistan (Physical in-Person)

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Invest in Sub Sahara Africa Roundtable Conference & Awards – Dubai, UAE (Physical-in-Person)

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Invest in Far East Asia Roundtable Conference & Awards – Dubai, UAE (Physical-in-Person)

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Investment in South Asia Conference & Awards – Dubai, UAE (Physical in-Person)

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Invest in Central Asia Roundtable Conference & Awards – Dubai, UAE (Physical-in-Person)


Live with Musa Shaikh

Live with MUSA SHAIKH brings the latest news, politics, and world events. It focuses on celebrity interviews, movie reviews, music, and entertainment, and various aspects of physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition, and well-being, Topics related to dating, marriage, family dynamics, and romance are perennial favorites, delve into the latest advancements in technology, scientific discoveries, and innovations. Experts and inventors are often featured, exploring different travel destinations, adventure experiences, and travel tips that can be captivating for viewers who enjoy exploring the world.

Technology and Innovation Show

Berkeley Technology & Innovation Show focuses on discussing various aspects of technology, its impact on society, emerging trends, innovations, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and quantum computing. This show features technology experts, industry professionals, and enthusiasts who provide insights and analysis to viewers or listeners.

Voice of Emirates Show

Voice of Emirates Show focuses on and highlight the people living in the United Arab Emirates, blessed with dynamic talents and capabilities and adding value to society through inspiration. This show features successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, business experts, and industry leaders who share insights, advice, and sucesss stories.

Art and Culture Show

Berkeley Art & Culture Show focuses on exploring various aspects of the arts, cultural heritage, creative expression, and related topics. This show features artists, cultural experts, historians, and enthusiasts who provide insights, interviews, and analysis related to art, literature, music, theater, film, and cultural phenomena.


Berkeley Real Estate Talk Show is your go-to destination for the most recent updates, trends, and developments in the ever-evolving world of real estate. Whether you’re an industry professional, a homeowner, a renter, or simply someone intrigued by the world of property, We will be navigating through the fast-paced landscape of real estate, bringing you the latest market news, expert opinions, and exclusive interviews with some of the most influential figures in the industry.

Human Capital Talk Show

Berkeley Human Capital Talk Show focused on various aspects of human resource management, talent acquisition, employee development, workplace compliance, and other related topics. This show is typically hosted by HR professionals, organizations, or experts in the field and is designed to educate HR professionals, business leaders, and anyone interested in HR practices and trends. Let’s build up human capital together.


The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) talk show brings you various aspects of a CFO life, focusing on financial leadership, investment strategies, economic trends, financial planning, challenges, and opportunities. This show features the world’s best finance leaders, financial experts, analysts, and professionals who provide insights and advice to viewers or listeners. This Talk show can serve as an educational, informative, and inspiring platform that benefits finance professionals, business leaders, and the broader community.

Trade and Economic Show

This is the event that convenes thought leaders from the entire trade ecosystem. It connects supply-chain, procurement, manufacturing, and finance executives with high-level government representatives including policymakers and advisors. This allows for the new reality of trade to be understood in its entirety, including geopolitical and climate-change risks.


Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan & Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dr. Musa Shaikh

Khulood Shaban

H.E. Salma Al Qubaisi

H. H. Sheikha Jawaher Al Khalifa

Dr. Amna Al Nakhi

H.E Aarefa Alfalahi

H.E. Hind Al Mubarak

H.E. Dr. Asma Almannaei

Dr. Suaad Al Shamsi



Musa _ Square

Investment Advisory


  • Corporate Finance
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Private Equity
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Stock Exchange Listing IPO
  • Islamic Banking Consultancy

Business Support Centre

  • Company Licensing
  • Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategy & Transformation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Project Management Consultancy


international trade

International Trade Development Services

Berkeley’s Trade Development Division specialises in assisting corporate organisations and government agencies to develop capability and international trade. We work in Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and the United States.
The range of services offered includes:
• Agent, Distribution and JV Partner Identification and Selection
• In-company Development and Investment
• Investor Identification
• Potential Customer Identification
• Prospect Research

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence and Planning Services

Berkeleyme Market Intelligence and Planning service works closely with companies to plan their growth and business development, in entering new markets. We ha a team of experienced consultants based in Europe, Americas and Middle east to identify business opportunities and assist clients in making the best of potential business.
The range of services offered includes:
• Industry/Sector Research and Intelligence
• Market Intelligence and Contacts through bespoke databases and network of contacts
• Marketing and Promotions
• Event and Seminar Management
• Public Relations
• Brochure Preparation & Marketing
• Advertising

looking for an investor

Foreign Direct Investment Services

Berkeleyme has extensive expertise in assisting organisations through all stages of Foreign Direct investment, start-up and Government financial assistance.
• The range of services include:
• Business Development programmes
• FDI Missions
• Foreign Office Management
• Investor Targeting
• Prospect Research and Lead Generation
• Project Management
• Relationship Development

Event Management

Event Management Services

We supremely experienced specialists oversee from start to finish your entire event planning, production, VIP protocol, registration, catering, entertainment, audio-visual set-up, media office and more. Our add-on services:
• Conference and Exhibition
• Grand Opening/ Inaugurations
• Corporate Events & Company Fun Days
• Gala Dinners & Themed Events
• Product/ Brand Launch
• Speaker Arrangements
• Sponsorship Arrangements
• Event Web Design and Development
• B2B Event Marketing
• Travel Arrangements of Delegates and Speakers
• Installation of Stalls/ Booth for Exhibitions
• Event Agenda, Event Brochure, & Flyers
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Digital Media

Digital Media Solutions

We are one of the leading event management, photography, and video production company in the UK and UAE. We have owned professional equipment and fully trained professional crews to make your dreams come true. In the situation of Covid’19 protocols, we recently added Virtual Events Recording (any country) in our services, also and we have a full setup for Chromo Recording (within UAE).

  • Professional Photography
  • Photo Booth
  • Filming Video
  • Live Streaming (social media)
  • Music Video
  • Live Shows (Theater, Comedy, Music, Dance, Mehfils)
  • Virtual Event Recording
  • Chroma-cut Recording
  • Online Meeting Recordings

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Personal Branding

Personal Branding

You must brand yourself and get visibility as your talents must be shown to the Global World on digital platforms. If you have talents and skills but have limited followers, your voice may not be recognized and you would not be able to influence the world with your creative & innovative thoughts. We specialize in uplifting your image through our powerful strategic branding, PR, Media, Digital Social Media, and speaking opportunities.

  • Stage 1: Personal Assessment
  • Stage 2: Brand Development
  • Stage 3: Creating the Noise
  • Stage 4: Generating Leads through call center/li>
  • Stage 5: Create Event

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